Il rovescio della medaglia (Dedica ad un’IPOCRITA)

Pubblicato: 6 novembre 2006 in Deliri in libera associazione, Songs for the Bleeding Hearts
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The last song I’m wasting on you
Sparkling grey
Through my own veins

          (Red ICY
blood coming out of withered wrists)
Any more than a whisper
          (No whispers, just the screaming and crying of your INSENSITIVENESS)
Any sudden movement of my heart
          (A stone cannot move, just FALL)
And I know, I know I’ll have to watch them pass away
          (Nothing SIMPLER for a heartless creature)
Just get through this day
         (And the next, and the next again…)
Give up your way, you could be anything,
          (You were more than anything for me, much more than you really have ever deserved)
Give up my way,
and lose myself,
          (I have NEVER really had you, NEVER)
not today
          (Neither yesterday, nor tomorrow)
That’s too much guilt to pay
          (But you’ll be the ONE that doesn’t pay, as usual, as ALWAYS)
Sickened in the sun
          (A rotten corpse glowing in the darkness)
You dare tell me you love me
          (I wasn’t the only one to tell it, but I wasn’t the LIAR)
But you held me down and screamed you wanted me to die
          (Maybe you’d really have deserved to die,
          but the ONLY one who really died and WILL die FOREVER is NOT you)
Honey you know, you know I’d never hurt you that way
          (Yeah, you hurted me in a decidedly more awful and CRUEL way, of course)
You’re just so pretty in your pain
          (There’s no BEAUTY at all in pain and sorrow, just pain and sorrow themselves)
Give up my way, and I could be anything
          (You CANNOT be anything, because you are NOTHING, and always will be)
I’ll make my own way
          (Your only possible way is towards your emptyness, nothing else)
Without your senseless hate….hate…hate…..hate
          (You don’t really need my hate [the one that could have really had a sense]:
          your personal hate is enough for a thousand lives, and a thousand people)
So run, run, run
          (No way to run from yourself, honey. Neither for me, nor for YOU above all)
And hate me, if it feels good
          (The only one that feels much better surrounded by hatred, HER OWN hatred, is YOU)
I can’t hear your screams anymore
          (No screams of mine, it’s your emptyness calling you. How can’t you distinguish it?)
You lied to me
          (The only one who lived lying in ANY occasion wasn’t me, don’t pretend to forget it)
But I’m older now
          (You’re not older, you’re always the same, empty, insignificant creature you’ve always been.
          No growth at all for you… no way, no hope)
And I’m not buying baby
Demanding my response
          (Your only response is the HATRED, is the ANNIHILATION, is the NOTHING)
Don’t bother breaking the door down
          (I won’t break any door of yours, not anymore: I’ll only LOCK mine)
I found my way out
          (Out of ME, out of LOVE, but NEVER out of your EMPTYNESS)
And you’ll never hurt me again
       (You don’t need ME to hurt YOU… you’re so clever to make it by yourself)


I loved you so much… but NOW it’s time to say STOP.


[RED-Commented by Wanderer, 06/11/2006, 22:00]


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